BRÛLÉ’s namesake stems from its common definition: a forest destroyed by fire. For founder and visual director Kenzie Burke, fire is the impetus from which artistry springs forth. After gaining acclaim in the health and wellness space, Kenzie burnt it all down to launch her lifelong passion project: to bring art back into online shopping.

BRÛLÉ is where art informs fashion – where life emerges from ashes.

Regeneration is at the core of the BRÛLÉ model. With artistically arranged seasonal drops of curated editorial collections, BRÛLÉ is a one-stop destination for pioneers of fashion. Seasonally, the slate is wiped clean and replenished with a fresh catalog of looks. We handpick niche pieces directly from designers around the world. Minimalism is at the heart of BRÛLÉ’s operation. We offer only what sells, refining production to create a conscious consumer experience. In this way, BRÛLÉ is a highly designed ecosystem, exclusive to the discerning buyer. 

BRÛLÉ values your time. Every look is hand-selected by Kenzie herself, so that you’re presented with the best piece of every style. Like a vintage magazine, you’ll crave the next edition and savor the curations within. Our clothing is timeless, versatile and made to transcend the seasons. 

In BRÛLÉ, Kenzie extends an invitation to a shopping experience that not everyone will recognize – it is here that fashion is personal, taste is uncompromised and where timelessness trumps trendiness. All are invited, few can keep up.