BRÛLÉ’s namesake stems from its definitional association with fire. For founder and designer Kenzie Burke, fire is the impetus from which artistry springs forth. Kenzie Burke, always a dauntless creator, moved to Los Angeles when she was 18, working fastidiously as a retail associate and styling assistant while working MANY other jobs simultaneously to make ends meet. She then grew a love for wellness and used her entrepreneurial energy to create a few ventures in that industry. Her name caught wind in the wellness world, and she grew a powerful online platform. Despite her success within that industry, she felt compelled to continue to expand and use her gusto to launch a clothing line, BRÛLÉ, resulting from a culmination of years, manifestation, and hard work.
Inspired by the rugged allure of the California coastline, Kenzie’s line of timeless basics and sexy separates mirrors the landscape – where unbridled natural beauty is tempered by stately design. Each piece of clothing is imagined and designed by Kenzie, who is a firm believer in ‘quality over quantity’ and holds a strong vision of only creating timeless pieces that will remain a part of your daily clothing rotation, for years to come.
All BRÛLÉ pieces are made in the USA – designed by Kenzie, and produced locally in Los Angeles. 
BRÛLÉ places the quality and longevity of our clothing above all else. The result is a style that is, at once, as undone as it is refined.